Microsoft fixes record 49 holes, including Stuxnet flaw

Microsoft fixes record 49 holes, including Stuxnet flaw
Microsoft fixes record 49 holes, including Stuxnet flaw 

By Elinor Mills 
InSecurity Complex
CNet News
October 12, 2010

In a record Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released updates today for Windows, 
Internet Explorer, and the .NET framework that feature fixes for 49 
holes, including one being exploited by the Stuxnet worm.

Microsoft recently fixed two of the four unpatched holes being used by 
Stuxnet to spread to Windows-based machines. The malware ultimately 
targets systems running software from Siemens that is used in critical 
infrastructure operations. Today's release plugs one (MS10-073) of the 
remaining two holes and the company said in a blog post that the final 
hole will be addressed in an upcoming security bulletin.

Meanwhile, Microsoft provided a priority list for the 16 bulletins being 
released, which fix 6 holes that are rated "critical." Four 
vulnerabilities are singled out because there are likely to be exploits 
developed for them, according to a Microsoft blog that assesses the 
risks of the various vulnerabilities.

The first bulletin to be deployed should be the MS10-071, a hole in IE 
6, 7, and 8 that could allow an attacker to take control of a computer 
if a user browses to a malicious Web page. Second on the list should be 
MS10-076, which affects Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 
2003 and 2008.


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