Oracle database admins acknowledge security gaps

Oracle database admins acknowledge security gaps
Oracle database admins acknowledge security gaps 

By Ellen Messmer
Network World
October 11, 2010 

Database security is rife with pitfalls, according to 430 Oracle 
database administrators surveyed by the Independent Oracle Users Group.

According to the results of the survey released last month, fewer than 
30% encrypt personally identifiable information in all their databases, 
while about 75% acknowledge their organizations do not have a means to 
prevent privileged database users from reading or tampering with human 
resources, financial or other business application data in their 

"There are still a lot of holes," says Andrew Flower, president of the 
IOUG president and vice president LoganBritton. "One of the biggest 
risks is stealing data internally," he acknowledges, saying the survey 
shows organizations aren't applying sufficient resources to improve 
security, and that there's been little change in the results from last 
year's survey.

About two-thirds of the survey respondents admitted there was no way in 
their organizations to detect or prove that the database administrators 
were not abusing their privileges.


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