Gov promises 'transformative' cyber security programme

Gov promises 'transformative' cyber security programme
Gov promises 'transformative' cyber security programme 

By Lewis Page 
The Register
18th October 2010

The Coalition government sought today to suggest that the savings 
package for the national-security sector is all part of a joined-up plan 
or strategy, which will feature a 'transformative' cyber security force 
or capability of some type.

This was done by issuing a document today entitled A Strong Britain in 
an Age of Uncertainty: The National Security Strategy, which can be 
downloaded in pdf here.

In it, the government sets out its view that the four biggest threats to 
the UK (rated as 'Tier 1' threats under the newly-developed National 
Security rRisk Assessment method) are as follows:

1. Terrorism - including WMD attacks;

2. A cyber attack;

3. A massive accident or natural disaster; and

4. An international military crisis which draws in the UK.

Other kinds of risks (satellite disruption, increases in organised crime 
etc) are merely Tier 2 or 3. This risk assessment will be updated every 
two years from now on until some future government replaces it with some 
other system.

What will the government do about this?


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