FBI Warns Of 'Corporate Account Takeover' Scams

FBI Warns Of 'Corporate Account Takeover' Scams
FBI Warns Of 'Corporate Account Takeover' Scams 

By Tim Wilson
Oct 21, 2010

Cybercriminals are targeting the financial accounts of small and midsize 
businesses (SMBs), fraudulently transferring money directly from their 
accounts, the FBI warned yesterday.

In a fraud alert issued Wednesday, the FBI said "corporate account 
takeover" attacks use malware to steal passwords and other credentials 
from senior executives at SMBs and then use those credentials to empty 
the companies' coffers.

"To obtain access to financial accounts, cyber criminals target 
employees--often senior executives or accounting, HR personnel, and 
business partners--and cause the targeted individual to spread 
[malware], which in turn steals their personal information and log-in 
credentials," the FBI says in its full report (PDF).

"Once the account is compromised, the cyber criminal is able to 
electronically steal money from business accounts," the report explains. 
"Cyber criminals also use various attack methods to exploit check 
archiving and verification services that enable them to issue 
counterfeit checks, impersonate the customer over the phone to arrange 
funds transfers, mimic legitimate communication from the financial 
institution to verify transactions, create unauthorized wire transfers 
and ACH payments, or initiate other changes to the account."


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