The Scariest Company In Tech

The Scariest Company In Tech
The Scariest Company In Tech

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By Rob Enderle 
October 20, 2010

A rather controversial presentation came to light this week (it was done 
back in 2001) from an Oracle market intelligence executive. It suggests 
that Oracle has a CIA-like competitive intelligence unit that would be 
the envy of some countries and sleeper agents in most of Oracle=E2=80=99s 
competitors. While this last is troubling, particularly if you are an 
Oracle competitor, this may explain how Oracle has been so effective at 
anticipating competitor strategies, preventing executive departures, and 
monitoring HP=E2=80=99s own board.

This presentation was apparently given at SCIP, an organization I used 
to belong to myself, which is made up of active practitioners of 
corporate intelligence. SCIP stands for Strategic and Corporate 
Intelligence Professionals. It is a far more benign name than LIEP or 
League of Industrial Espionage Practitioners.  Alright, I=E2=80=99m poking fun 
here because SCIP has a massive focus on ethical behavior, but in 
looking at the Oracle presentation, it is clear they are on the bleeding 
edge of practices that SCIP thinks are appropriate.

Let=E2=80=99s look at why Oracle may be the scariest company in tech, at least 
to its competitors.


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