Iranian cyber army moves into botnets

Iranian cyber army moves into botnets
Iranian cyber army moves into botnets 

By Jeremy Kirk
IDG News Service
October 25, 2010 

A group of malicious hackers who attacked Twitter and the Chinese search 
engine Baidu are also apparently running a for-rent botnet, according to 
new research.

The so-called Iranian Cyber Army also took credit last month for an 
attack on TechCrunch's European website. In that incident, the group 
installed a page on TechCrunch's site that redirected visitors to a 
server that bombarded their PCs with exploits in an attempt to install 
malicious software.

Researchers with a security startup called Seculert have traced the 
malicious server behind those attacks and found indications that the 
Iranian Cyber Army may also be running a botnet.

They've found an administration interface where people who want to rent 
the botnet can describe the machines they would like to infect and 
upload their own malware for distribution by the botnet, said Aviv Raff, 
CTO and co-founder of Seculert. The company runs a cloud-based service 
that alerts its customers to new malware, exploits and other cyber 

"You provide the number of machines and their region," Raff said. "You 
then provide the malware download URL, and they will do the malware 
installation for you."


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