NATO clause V could deter cyberattack, says defence minister

NATO clause V could deter cyberattack, says defence minister
NATO clause V could deter cyberattack, says defence minister

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By John E Dunn 
10 November 10

Cyberattacks should be subject to the same laws, treaties and 
international conventions as in the physical world, UK defence minister 
Nick Harvey has said in a Chatham House speech which laid down an 
important new marker in government attitudes.

Harvey=E2=80=99s speech sounds a warning that as far as the UK is concerned the 
gloves are about to come off. States will not be allowed to get away 
with overtly or covertly sponsoring cyberwarfare without the fear of a 
political response.

In Harvey=E2=80=99s view, the UK and its allies should find ways to apply 
principles such as NATO=E2=80=99s mutual defence pact, Article V, to acts of 
aggression in cyberspace. This would apply the concept of deterrence, 
something that was currently almost non-existent in Internet policy.

=E2=80=9CI would argue that the established laws governing the use of force and 
the conduct of hostilities are equally applicable to cyberspace as they 
are to traditional domains,=E2=80=9D said Harvey.


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