Canadian cyber-security lax, experts warn

Canadian cyber-security lax, experts warn
Canadian cyber-security lax, experts warn 

The Gazette 
December 1, 2010

Experts warn the Canadian government and Canadian companies are 
vulnerable to data loss, on the same scale as the WikiLeaks scandal that 
has rocked the United States government.

This week, the WikiLeaks website released thousands of documents of 
secret data gleaned from the computers of U.S. embassies around the 
world. In reaction, the U.S. government has said it will improve its 
information security systems, including adding a system to track who 
gets access to sensitive data, and what they do with it.

Information security experts warn, however, that Canadian corporations 
and several government departments are not properly ensuring sensitive 
data aren't stolen or lost. This is especially problematic because 
attacks by hackers are on the increase and are becoming more 

The experts warn that countries and terrorist organizations are 
increasingly relying on hacker techniques to wage war on their enemies.

An example of this came in a WikiLeaks report that the U.S. government 
believes the Chinese government hacked Google servers with the intention 
to sabotage the search giant, which had said it would not bow to Chinese 


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