New corps' mission to parry cyberthreat

New corps' mission to parry cyberthreat
New corps' mission to parry cyberthreat 

By William Cole
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
Dec 16, 2010 

Their ranks include snoops and sleuths who cull intelligence obtained 
from submarines, ships and aircraft, monitor foreign computer traffic, 
and work with super-secret organizations such as the National Security 
Agency in Kunia.

There are 2,800 Navy intelligence, information warfare, 
information/network management, cryptologists and oceanography personnel 
on Oahu, and 176 received recognition yesterday for accomplishment in a 
relatively new cadre -- the Information Dominance Corps.

The group received prestigious warfare qualification pins on the fantail 
of the battleship Missouri in recognition of their certification -- and 
elevation in importance on the 21st-century battlefield.

In May, Navy Vice Adm. David Dorsett said in a report that command and 
control, networking, data collection and intelligence would be elevated 
to a "main battery" in the Navy arsenal.

"Cyberthreat" is the new military buzzword, and Adm. Robert Willard, 
head of U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith, warned in testimony to the 
House Armed Services Committee in March that "U.S. military and 
government computer systems continue to be the target of intrusions that 
appear to have originated from within the PRC (People's Republic of 


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