Gawker was hacked six months ago, say sources close to Gnosis

Gawker was hacked six months ago, say sources close to Gnosis
Gawker was hacked six months ago, say sources close to Gnosis 

By Charles Arthur
29 December 2010

Hackers had access to the gossip site Gawker's content management system 
(CMS) and password files for around six months, rather than the few days 
suggested by the company, the Guardian has learnt from sources connected 
to the break-in.

That contradicts the indications given by Gawker in public statements, 
such as an email sent out on 17 December by Thomas Plunkett, Gawker's 
chief technology officer, in which he suggested that the hackers only 
had access "briefly" to the site: "Gawker Media servers and some company 
email accounts were compromised by hackers at some time during the last 
few weeks; the compromise was made public to us (and everyone else) this 
past weekend," Plunkett wrote in an internal memo which was reposted on 
the website.

The hacking of Gawker and its associated sites led to the usernames, 
email addresses and passwords of 1.3 million registered users of the 
sites being made available . among them, those for Gawker staff 
including its chief Nick Denton. The hackers discovered Denton had used 
the same password for Gawker and for other sites such as Campfire, used 
by his company to coordinate its work. That allowed them to access those 
sites and find sensitive details including chats between members of the 

Sources close to the hacking group Gnosis, which carried out the attack, 
have told the Guardian that they obtained access to Gawker's server by 
using a "local file inclusion" (LFI) weakness. Gawker has not previously 
said whether the access was via a weakness in the Gawker site, via a 
staff member's password, or some other means.


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