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Bypass Web filter in Kutztown, PA school, go to prison

Bypass Web filter in Kutztown, PA school, go to prison
Bypass Web filter in Kutztown, PA school, go to prison

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Subject: 13 teens face felonies for tampering with school laptops
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 09:59:35 -0400

Hi Declan,

Looks like a case where the combination of ignorant school administrators
and overzealous police has caused a bunch of sophomores and juniors to be
charged with a third degree felony. If you forward this, please remove my
email address. Thanks.
" Thirteen Kutztown Area High School students are facing felony charges for
tampering with district-issued laptop computers.

According to parent testimony and confirmed by an otherwise vaguely-worded
letter from the Kutztown Police Department, students got hold of the
system's secret administrative password and reconfigured their computers to
achieve greater Internet and network access.

Some students used the newfound freedom to download music and inappropriate
images from the Internet.

James Shrawder spoke on behalf of a group of parents of six of the accused
at a June 20 school board meeting. He said the administration may have
railroaded the process by not providing authorities with the whole story.

"That's absurd," Superintendent Brenda S. Winkler said after the board
meeting, in response to Shrawder's allegations that the administration
withheld information until the end of the school year.


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