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ChoicePoint and IRS team up in $20 million data-processing gig

ChoicePoint and IRS team up in $20 million data-processing gig
ChoicePoint and IRS team up in $20 million data-processing gig

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Subject: IRS search for public records access ends with ChoicePoint
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 10:38:14 -0400
From: Educational CyberPlayGround  

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Karen Ellis
Educational CyberPlayGround 
By Doug Beizer
Contributing Staff Writer

The Internal Revenue Service has awarded ChoicePoint Government
Services a contract worth as much as $20 million to serve as the
agency's public records provider for batch processing projects,
according to the company.

Under a five-year contract, ChoicePoint will provide the IRS with
access to its suite of custom data solutions. IRS officials will use
ChoicePoint's public records data capabilities to support customized
data retrieval requirements.

ChoicePoint provides public records information about a person, asset
or location, a company spokesperson said. The information can include
current and former addresses, property ownership records and
bankruptcy, lien or judgment information.

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