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CNET expands coverage of government news

CNET expands coverage of government news
CNET expands coverage of government news

[Corporate press release follows. My articles will appear on the new 
site when the topic is relevant. --Declan]


ZDNet Launches Comprehensive Site for Government IT Professionals
Tuesday August 9, 1:04 pm ET

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 9, 2005-- ZDNet, a comprehensive 
guide for IT professionals and a property of CNET Networks, Inc. 
(Nasdaq:CNET - News), today launched ZDNet Government 
(, a complete Web site catering to the 
interests of IT professionals who work in the public sector, including 
the 220,000(1) unique users that today use CNET Networks' portfolio of 
business sites.

The site features news, blogs, white papers, video, and discussions on 
the topics these professionals care about most. For example, today's 
launch includes a video interview between ZDNet Editor-in-Chief Dan 
Farber and Philadelphia's CIO Dianah Neff, focused on Neff's widely 
debated hope to have her city give citizens low-cost wireless Internet 
access. ZDNet Government also offers a platform to showcase the 
government-related technology news the company has been producing for 
years, such as reporting from CNET's award-winning political 
correspondent, Declan McCullagh.

[...remainder snipped...]
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