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U.K. union "outraged" over RFID tagging of workers

U.K. union "outraged" over RFID tagging of workers
U.K. union "outraged" over RFID tagging of workers

Why not RFID or Verichip implants too? More on this topic: 


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Subject: Maybe of interest to Politech -- Article spotted: "Tracked 
Workers Outraged Over RFID Tagging"
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2005 13:26:25 -0400
From: David Brown  

You may have already spotted this; seems relevant to other content you've

"...The stated fear is they'll be tracked every time they take a break or
head for the rest room. The unstated fear: Every movement becomes trackable.
Employers, using the information gathered by ever-present radio waves, could
see which warehouse worker really is most efficient and prioritize hiring,
firing and overtime accordingly.

[...comparison to biometric payment trial in Albertson's grocery stores...]

[ switches from reporting to unsubstantiated opinion, but with an
interesting conclusion:]

What makes the customers at Albertson's happy about being identified
personally is they get something in return for it: a more convenient method
of paying for their purchases.

What makes the union workers in the U.K. unhappy about being identified is:
They can't see what they get out of it.

Here's a capitalistic thought: Share the wealth. If you can keep track of
what each warehouse worker does, whether by tags or by fingertips, reward
the most productive with bonuses. [...]"


David Brown 

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