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Bush administration asks for halt to .xxx domain

Bush administration asks for halt to .xxx domain
Bush administration asks for halt to .xxx domain

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Bush administration objects to .xxx domains
Published: August 15, 2005, 4:15 PM PDT

The Bush administration is objecting to the creation of a .xxx domain,
saying it has concerns about a virtual red-light district reserved
exclusively for Internet pornography.

Michael Gallagher, assistant secretary at the Commerce Department, has
asked for a hold to be placed on the contract to run the new top-level
domain until the .xxx suffix can receive further scrutiny. The domain
was scheduled to receive final approval Tuesday.

"The Department of Commerce has received nearly 6,000 letters and
e-mails from individuals expressing concern about the impact of
pornography on families and children," Gallagher said in a letter that
was made public on Monday.

The sudden high-level interest in what has historically been an
obscure process has placed the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names
and Numbers (ICANN) in an uncomfortable position. ICANN approved the
concept of an .xxx domain in June and approval of ICM Registry's
contract to run the suffix was expected this week.

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