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Actors will be arrested by the NYPD if they carry "police" costumes

Actors will be arrested by the NYPD if they carry "police" costumes
Actors will be arrested by the NYPD if they carry "police" costumes

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Subject: (Fwd) Actors w/ Police Uniforms at Risk for Arrest in NYC - 
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Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2005 19:49:06 EST
From: Rick van Valkenburg
Organization: word Communications

I thought that this might interest the Politech list. It's not as much a
technology issue as a privacy one. Because of searches at subway
stations actors carrying police uniforms to work on TV or Films
productions are at risk of arrest even if the costumes are in
garment bags. Probably doesn't affect the many police officers who
moonlight as extras.

- Rick van Valkenburg

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Subject:        	Screen Actors Guild Advises NY Members: Do Not Purchase 
or Carry Police Costumes
Date sent:      	Fri, 19 Aug 2005 15:06:23 -0700
From: 	SAG New York Branch  
To: 	New York SAG Members  
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Screen Actors Guild advises its members to no longer
purchase or carry police costumes in the New York City
area =93 even to jobs that require the use of such costumes.
The new guidance comes as the result ofquestions raised
regardingCity policy that puts professional actors at risk of
arrest if found to be carrying police costumes.

Understanding the serious security concerns facing New
York, the Guild has spent the past four months working in
cooperation with City officials to address the New York
Police Department policy covering the many actors who
regularly portray police officers in shows like Law and
Order.The NYPD has historically issued letters signed by
the police commissioner that explicitly permit Guild
members to purchase police uniforms. In recent weeks,
however, it appears the NYPD has changed its policy.

Emergency Meeting Planned: The Guild will hold a
meeting on August 24, led by SAG New York President
Paul Christie, for affected members to discuss the
apparent change in City policy. The meeting starts at 4
p.m. in the New York Boardroom on the 14th Floor of the
Screen Actors Guild offices at 360 Madison Avenue
(Entrance on 45th Street) NYC.Please remember, because
seating is limited, only those members affected by this
issue should attend. Members with questions should call
SAG at (212) 827-1564.

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