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Details on Canada's new push on wiretaps, hacking tools

Details on Canada's new push on wiretaps, hacking tools
Details on Canada's new push on wiretaps, hacking tools

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Subject: Re: [Politech] In Canada, 	law would give police vast 
surveillance power [priv]
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 12:40:17 -0400
From: Jim Ray  
To: Declan McCullagh  
References: <> 

Wait a second...Isn't Canada the country that created a whole new kind
of privacy-policy bureaucrat a few years ago, to deafening silence from
most and jeers from me & doubters like me?

(And if you think THAT's expensive and stupid, take a look at Canada's
gun-tracking law$!)

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Subject: UNLawful access
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 19:26:38 -0400
From: Yasholomew Yashinski  

  Michael Geist has started to cover this, but he's missing some of the
real juice of it in my opinion. Take note of the "Warrantless searches"
section, as well as the following:

"s.342.2: Possession of Hacking tools to commit an offence: extend
existing provision to cover importing, obtaining for use, and making
available, and to link to mischief (430) as well as 342.1 offences. This
would clearly criminalize the possession of a virus for the purpose of

  What exactly is a "Hacking tool"? Like a knife, gun, or hammer, almost
all software tools can be used for good or evil. There are good viruses,
as we all know. What does this add that existing legislation regarding
the malicious usage of a virus doesn't already cover?

"s.191: Possession of Interception Devices: either repeal this section
or refine to allow for lawful excuse or justification as in s.342.2"

  What exactly is an "Interception Device"? Let's see, I have tcpdump,
snoop, and ethereal all installed here. I also have several frequency
scanners in arms length. As stated by another local techy "in the
internet context, a 10Mb/s half-duplex "hub" is equivalent to a
frequency scanner."



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