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Net-porn conference convened in Amsterdam for Sept 30

Net-porn conference convened in Amsterdam for Sept 30
Net-porn conference convened in Amsterdam for Sept 30

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Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005 10:29:53 +0200
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The Art and Politics of Netporn
September 30 & October 1 2005
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam 

For more information: 020 5951866 

In the weekend of September 30 and October 1, the =91Badcuyp=92 in Amsterdam
will host the first conference on Internet pornography, entitled  =91The
Art & Politcs of Netporn=92. This international event, organized by the
Institute of Network Cultures, will include presentations from a broad
selection of artists and researchers from all over the world. All of
have been researching the subject of Internet pornography in their own
individual ways. The event=92s grand finale will be a =91porn pour porn
soiree=92, a festive night with various performances and screenings. The
party will kick off with a presentation of Katrien Jacobs=92 new book
=91Libidoc=92, about her quest for sex artists all around the world.

Even in this modern age, Internet pornography is a subject that makes
most people uncomfortable. The common image isn=92t pretty, since the
subject is mostly related to raunchiness, exploitation, =91strange people=92
with awkward sexual preferences, and dubious networks and practices. The
Art and Politics of Netporn wants to draw attention to the other side of
this phenomenon by focusing on the political and economical implications
of netporn, as well as to the ethical and aesthetic aspects of digital
communities (i.e. weblogs, chat groups, mailing lists and webzines).
These relatively new forms of communication enable people to meet up
anonymously, form communities, or present themselves while having
creative control over the process of communciation.To provide us with an
alternative view on netporn, the conference organization has also
artists whose work reflects different ideas on sexuality and who have
appropriated the language or specific qualities of Internet pornography.
The Art and Politics of Netporn challenges the visitors to discuss the
current social climate of heightened control over information processes
and the power of censorship. Who gets to decide what we are allowed to
see, and what are the limits to our freedom?

Five different themes will be presented during the two days of the
conference, with contributions by artists, researchers and journalists.
=91Sex Workers of the Net World=92 is centered round the political and
economical values of netporn and online sex workers. And what is the
importance of porn for E-commerce? In =91The Rise of the Netporn Society=92
the focus is on the individual use of Internet by for example bloggers
and producers of so-called indieporn. Dominant images and concepts about
netporn and the possibility of creating a =91history of netporn=92 are some
of the concepts of the theme =91Porn meets Brain: Netporn Theory=92. =91Porn
a Technology of the Self=92 is about the possibilities of the use netporn
minority groups like queers and transgenders. How do they use elements
pornography to create their own sexual identity? An open debate about
censorship will give the visitor a chance to share their opinions about
this subject with the participants. The conference closes with Porn pour
Porn, a soiree mixte with dj=92s and vj=92s live performance, screenings and
all else that pours into it.

The program is available at 

Practical Information
The Art and Politics of Netporn, September 30 =96 October 1, 2005
De Badcuyp, Amsterdam
Eerste Sweelinckstraat 10 (corner Albert Cuypstraat), 1073 CM Amsterdam
Tel: +31 (0) 20 6759669, Email: Website: 
Conference registration: 
For more information: or 
Entrance fees:
Allround ticket (2 days + party): 50 euro, students 25 euro
Day ticket, Friday or Saturday: 30 euro, students 15 euro
Party ticket (Saturday night): 8 euro, students 5 euro
Please check for all practical 

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