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Are geeks being targeted as "terrorists?"

Are geeks being targeted as "terrorists?"
Are geeks being targeted as "terrorists?"

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Subject: Geeks being targeted as "terrorists"
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 16:18:04 -0400
From: Richard M. Smith  
To: 'Declan McCullagh'  

Hi Declan,

It appears that there is a growing group of "geeks" who are being singled
out as "terrorists".  Although suspected or charged with terror-related
crimes, these folks in many cases were simply in the wrong place at the
wrong time, have quirky hobbies, or showed poor judgement.  Attached is a
list of articles about these individuals and their alledged crimes.

Richard M. Smith 

Suspicious behaviour on the tube,,1575411,00.html 

Cape pilot wages battle over FBI's 'No Fly' action 

In N.Y., Case Of Germs Shifts From Bioterror To Moral Error 

Man Charged Under Patriot Act for Laser 

Agents search homes of bioterror expert [Kenneth M. Berry]
Actions in N.Y., N.J. part of anthrax investigation 

Patent 6,710,711 - Method for identifying chemical, biological and nuclear
attacks or hazards, Kenneth M. Berry 

Scientist in plague vial case set to appear court 

The Hunting of Steven J. Hatfill
Why are so many people eager to believe that this man is the anthrax killer?
by David Tell 

Man wrongly linked to Madrid bombings sues
Names Ashcroft, Justice Department, FBI; challenges Patriot Act 

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