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Los Alamos whistleblower severely beaten, warned to shut up

Los Alamos whistleblower severely beaten, warned to shut up
Los Alamos whistleblower severely beaten, warned to shut up

The FBI and the Santa Fe Police Department are conducting a joint 
investigation into an attack Sunday on a Los Alamos National Laboratory 
who has alleged financial impropriety at the facility, according to law 
enforcement officials.
Tommy Hook, an auditor at Los Alamos National Laboratory, was assaulted 
and severely beaten in the parking lot of Cheeks, a Santa Fe strip club, 
at about 2 a.m. Sunday. Susan Hook, the victim's wife, Bob Rothstein, 
his attorney, and Chuck Montano, a fellow Los Alamos whistleblower, said 
Monday that Hook was at the club to meet with another employee who 
claimed to have information that would support charges of wrongdoing.
[...remainder snipped...]

And here's congressional testimony from March 2005: 
Retaliation remains the norm, not the exception, as can be seen in the 
case of Tommy Hook and Chuck Montano, who have both worked at Los Alamos 
for decades. After the Committee=92s three hearings on financial fraud at 
Los Alamos, the University of California was telling the public that all 
was resolved, while at the same time retaliating against these two men 
who knew otherwise. Hook and Montano were responsible for providing 
audit support for UC and uncovered ongoing irregularities and outright 
misconduct amounting to millions of taxpayer dollars.

So if Tommy Hook was in fact assaulted for whistleblowing, who arranged 
the hit? What organization had the most to lose?

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