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European "privacy" laws may -- or may not -- permit data retention plan

European "privacy" laws may -- or may not -- permit data retention plan
European "privacy" laws may -- or may not -- permit data retention plan

[Data retention of course means laws requiring Internet service 
providers or telephone companies to record information on what their 
customers are doing. Perhaps someone can remind us again how evil 
corporations are endangering civil liberties and our privacy cannot be 
trusted to the free market? (Obviously I'm joking. No CEO in his right 
mind would go forward with this over the objections of customers. The 
truth is that our privacy and civil liberties can't be trusted to 
governments. It's just that getting rid of them is somewhat more 
difficult.) --Declan]

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Date: Thu,  2 Jun 2005 16:07:05 +0000 (UTC)
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EU: Data Retention proposal partly illegal, say Council and Commission 

The Legal Services of both the Council and Commission have argued that 
the controversial proposal for a Framework Decision on the retention of 
telephone and Internet data, proposed last April by the UK and several 
other Member States, is partly illegal.

EU: The Civil Liberties Committee of the European Parliament has 
rejected a proposal on the mandatory retention of data on all 
telecommunications for the purposes of law enforcement (full-text of 
adopted report, 
Press release 

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