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"Insult" Iranian government, go to jail for two years

"Insult" Iranian government, go to jail for two years
"Insult" Iranian government, go to jail for two years

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Subject: 	IRAN : Blogger Mojtaba Saminejad gets two-year prison sentence
Date: 	Tue, 7 Jun 2005 17:20:09 +0200
From: 	RSF.Internet  

*The Internet under surveillance*
*7 June 2005*
*Blogger Mojtaba Saminejad gets two-year prison sentence

*Reporters Without Borders voiced deep concern today about the fate of
25-year-old blogger* Mojtaba Saminejad*, who has been sentenced to two
years in prison by a Tehran revolutionary court for "insulting the
Supreme Guide" and who is due to be tried soon on a separate charge of
insulting the prophets, which carries a possible death penalty.

The press freedom organisation urged all bloggers to mobilise on behalf
of the young blogger, who was arrested on 12 February.

"All blogosphere messages of solidarity are welcome," the organisation
said. "We know that these message reach the prisoners and help put
pressure on the Iranian authorities, especially in the run-up to the
presidential election. It is vital for people to talk about Mojtaba."

Mojtaba's lawyer, Mohammad Saifzadeh, said the two-year sentence was
handed down after a hearing on 23 May in which his client was not
allowed to speak freely. To intimidate him, the authorities had him
accompanied in court by the police officers who interrogated him in prison.

He will appear in court again on 22 June to be tried on a charge of
"insulting the prophets and the holy imams." This extremely serious
accusation could result in his being found guilty of apostasy, which
carries the death penalty under article 512 of the Islamic criminal code.

Various initiatives are under way on the Iranian Internet in support of
Mojtaba. Internet users have dedicated a blog to him in both English
( and in Farsi 
( Some 50 Iranian bloggers 
are openly backing him. The Penlog bloggers group has also firmly
condemned his conviction (see 

For more information on the case, go to 

Le weblogger Mojtaba Saminejad condamn=E9 =E0 deux ans de prison

Mojtaba Saminejad, un weblogger de 25 ans arr=EAt=E9 le 12 f=E9vrier 2005, a
=E9t=E9 condamn=E9 =E0 deux ans de prison par le tribunal r=E9volutionnaire de
T=E9h=E9ran pour "insulte envers le Guide supr=EAme". Il sera =E9galement jug=E9
prochainement pour un autre chef d'accusation, "insulte envers les
proph=E8tes", passible de la peine capitale. Reporters sans fronti=E8res est
profond=E9ment inqui=E8te du sort du jeune internaute et demande une
nouvelle fois =E0 la communaut=E9 des bloggers de se mobiliser.

"Tous les messages de solidarit=E9 dans la blogsphere sont les bienvenus.
Nous savons que ces messages parviennent aux prisonniers et permettent
de faire pression sur les autorit=E9s iraniennes, en particulier en cette
p=E9riode d'=E9lection pr=E9sidentielle. Il faut absolument faire parler de
Mojtaba", a d=E9clar=E9 l'organisation.

L'avocat du weblogger, Mohammad Saifzadeh, a confirm=E9 la sentence. Il a
pr=E9cis=E9 que, lors de l'audience devant le tribunal, le 23 mai, son
client n'avait jamais pu s'exprimer librement. Pour l'intimider, les
autorit=E9s l'avaient en effet plac=E9 =E0 c=F4t=E9 des policiers qui l'avaient
interrog=E9 en prison.

Le weblogger va repasser devant les tribunaux, le 22 juin, pour r=E9pondre
cette fois d"insulte envers les proph=E8tes et les saints imams". Cette
charge extr=EAmement grave - car elle peut signifier l'apostasie de
l'inculp=E9 - fait encourir la peine capitale =E0 Mojtaba, selon l'article
512 du code p=E9nal islamique.

Les initiatives se multiplient sur le Net iranien pour soutenir le
blogger. Des internautes iraniens lui ont par exemple consacr=E9 un blog
(_http://mojtaba-samienejad.blogspot.com_, en anglais et_ 
http://en-mojtaba-samienejad.blogspot.com_, en persan). Une cinquantaine 
de webloggers du pays soutiennent =E9galement ouvertement leur coll=E8gue
emprisonn=E9. Enfin, l'association de bloggers Penlog a fermement d=E9nonc=E9
cette condamnation ( 

Plus d'informations sur cette affaire : 


Julien Pain
Bureau Internet et libert=E9s / Internet Freedom desk

Reporters sans fronti=E8res / Reporters Without Borders
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