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Back from U.N. summit; reports and photos from Tunisia

Back from U.N. summit; reports and photos from Tunisia
Back from U.N. summit; reports and photos from Tunisia

I'm finally back from Tunisia and getting caught up on email. Following 
are some reports (and photos of Tunisia's Roman ruins and the Sahara).


TUNIS, Tunisia--Cuba, Iran and African governments lashed out at the 
U.S. government this week, charging that the Internet permits too much 
free speech and that the way it is managed must be reformed immediately. 
TUNIS, Tunisia--The U.S. government on Friday protested a crackdown by 
Tunisian secret police on the streets and a new spate of Web censorship 
during a United Nations Internet summit here. 
TUNIS, Tunisia--The Bush administration and its critics at a United 
Nations summit here have inked a broad agreement on global Internet 
management that will preclude any dramatic showdown this week.

Actual documents approved at the United Nations' WSIS summit: 

Microsoft/open source intrigue: 

Open letter to Kofi Annan over his decision to select Tunisia as host 

Reporters Without Borders on the conference: 

Richard Stallman's adventures with a tinfoil hat: 


Roman ruins: 

Two Star Wars filming locations (and one that should have been): 

Sahara sand dunes: 

Camels and desert: 

Tozeur and Tunis downtown: 

Traditional Berber home: 

Paris photos on the way back: 

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