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R.W. Bradford, R.I.P.

R.W. Bradford, R.I.P.
R.W. Bradford, R.I.P.

Raymond William Bradford, founder and editor of Liberty magazine, died 
of cancer last month.

I first ran into R.W. Bradford in 1998 or 1999 when I co-authored my 
first article for Liberty magazine. He never paid anyone (or at least 
never paid me, or anyone else I know who contributed) for our articles. 
For us, like him, it was a labor of love.

Because I never met Bill, I had grown to know him through the pages of 
Liberty, which was and is an excellent read, a compendium of witty 
snippets about life and longer articles about the meaning of freedom and 

Here's an obituary from the Seattle Times: 

Stephen Cox is now editor-in-chief and Liberty magazine will continue; 
you can subscribe here: 

Reason's Brian Doherty and Jesse Walker knew Bill far better than I did. 
You can read their thoughts here: 

David Bernstein's post from Friday, which reminded me to send this 
along, is here: 

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