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SMS 007 aims to protect cell phone SMS messages

SMS 007 aims to protect cell phone SMS messages
SMS 007 aims to protect cell phone SMS messages

[Thanks for sending this along, Marian! It looks like a useful project. 

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Subject: Politech submission
Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 17:00:00 +0100
From: Marian Kechlibar  

Hello Declan,

I have some news that could be interesting for you and for your readers.
It is about software that can protect wireless messaging from wiretap /
eavesdrop etc.

Its name is SMS 007 and it has been developed by Czech company
CircleTech, s.r.o. (I am one of the two co-founders). It is a Java (J2ME)
software which runs on almost all current phone models. It uses AES
symmetric cipher and user-chosen keys to encrypt the SMS messages.
It also has some other security features, like a secret contact list, which
cannot be viewed from the outside of the application.

The encryption used ensures that wiretapping entities (operators, law
enforcement, maffia, anyone) cannot get to the plaintext of the message.
Also data stored by the program in the phone are protected by encryption,
so stealing the phone and examining it for data does not help the
adversary either - unless the user selects a bad main password.

SMS 007 has been available to Czech customers for 5 months, but has
gone international only very recently (February 24, 2006), when Nokia
Softwaremarket agreed to resell it online.

Links: - the product webpages - the corporate webpages - an article 
in The Prague Post by Kristina Alda 
- Nokia Softwaremarket, including the Users manual



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