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Time to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day! Event in DC on Wednesday

Time to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day! Event in DC on Wednesday
Time to celebrate World Intellectual Property Day! Event in DC on Wednesday

[Sending this out, unfortunately a bit belatedly, since it only seems 
fair after forwarding info on the Cato Institute's event. --Declan]

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Subject: For your email list: IPI Invite: WIPO Representative to Present 
at IPI World Intellectual Property Day Event, Wed. April 26
Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 21:51:59 -0400
From: Sonia Blumstein  

Declan:   IPI is hosting an event in honor of World Intellectual Property
Day, April 26, with many special guests including Christopher Ruggerio of
the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Please feel free to pass
along to your email list in the event they would want to participate.
RSVPs can be sent to Betty Medlock,, 972.874.5139. 

Sonia Blumstein
Director, Media and Legislative Affairs
Institute for Policy Innovation
(703) 912-5742 office
(202) 213-0379 cell 
                                            AN INVITATION

A World Intellectual Property Day Event
The public policy debate over intellectual property and piracy of
software, music, film, literature, pharmaceuticals and fashion often
focuses on how those crimes hurt American and European multi-national
corporations.  But they hurt struggling inventors, artists and innovative
companies in developing countries even more.

On April 26, World Intellectual Property Day, IPI will host a briefing at
the Willard Hotel in Washington, DC featuring intellectual property
experts who will discuss the value of IP for developing countries and what
is being done globally to promote greater awareness of and protection for
intellectual property rights.

The Growing Role of Intellectual Property in Global Development
Jacques J. Gorlin, PhD
President, The Gorlin Group
Timothy P. Trainer
Founder, Global IP Strategy Center
Susan F. Wilson
Director, Office of Intellectual Property Rights, U.S. Commerce Department
Bartlett Cleland, Moderator
Director, IPI Center for Technology Freedom

What Developing Countries Can Do to
  Limit Counterfeiting and Promote Innovation
Barun Mitra
Director, Liberty Institute
Michael Ryan
Director, Creative and Innovative Economy Center,
  George Washington University Law School
Dr. John Kilama
Founder and President, Global Bioscience Development Institute
Erik Monterroza
Lead Guitarist and Singer,  Latin Band  Monte*Rosa
Dr. Merrill Matthews, Moderator
Resident Scholar, Institute for Policy Innovation

Dr. Lee Reed, Keynote Speaker
Professor, Terry College of Business, University of Georgia
with comments by:
Christopher Ruggerio
World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
Legal Counsel, Office of Public Diplomacy
Tom Giovanetti, Moderator
President, Institute for Policy Innovation

Wednesday, April 26, 2006
9:30 am-1:30 pm
Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided
The Willard InterContinental Hotel,Washington DC
  Nest and Pierce Rooms

RSVP: Sonia Blumstein, or 703.912.5742 
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