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Politech back from hiatus

Politech back from hiatus
Politech back from hiatus


I'm happy to say that Politech is back from a monthlong hiatus, the 
longest since its launch 12 years ago.

I've been largely offline for the last month because I was getting 
married. My then-fiancee, an attorney in San Francisco, and I tied the 
knot in Carmel, California last month with a reception at the Mission 
Ranch (owned by Clint Eastwood, who made a cameo appearance).

For a mini-honeymoon, we stayed at the Post Ranch Inn about 20 miles 
south and drove down to Cambria and the Paso Robles wine country: 

Also I've finished my private pilot license and have been exploring 
northern and central California in a two-seater Diamond Katana based at 
San Carlos airport (KSQL): 

I'll start going through the backlog of Politech posts and submissions 
in the next few hours. Thanks for your patience during last month's 
interregnum, and please do send along anything that I should forward to 
the rest of the list!

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