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"America: Freedom to Fascism" movie opens on July 28

"America: Freedom to Fascism" movie opens on July 28
"America: Freedom to Fascism" movie opens on July 28

Here's the IMDB entry: 

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Subject: 	For Politech: Aaron Russo's America: From Freedom To Fascism movie
Date: 	Wed, 19 Jul 2006 16:55:42 -0500
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HI Declan,

It would be great to see information on the movie posted in Politech.


*Aaron Russo's New Movie -- AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM*  


Determined to find the law that requires Americans to pay income tax,
Aaron Russo (THE ROSE, TRADING PLACES) sets out on a journey. Neither
left- nor right-wing, this startling examination exposes the systematic
erosion of civil liberties in America. Through interviews with US
Congressmen, a former IRS Commissioner, former IRS and FBI agents, tax
attorneys and authors, Russo connects the dots between money creation,
federal income tax, voter fraud, the national identity card (becoming
law in May 2008) and the implementation of radio frequency
identification (RFID) technology to track citizens. A striking case
about the evolving police state in America.

*CBS, Todd David Schwartz*- *"Four Stars (Highest Rating).*
*The Scariest Damn Film You'll See This Year.  It will leave you
staggering out of the theatre, slack-jawed and trembling..."*

*, Steven Yates*- *'America: "Freedom to Fascism" A
Must See Movie'*
See a movie review: 

*Opening July 28th* in Chicagoland at theatres including Chicago, New
York, Kansas City area, Austin Texas area, and Tampa Florida area: 

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