The Hackers Encyclopedia
DVD-ROM 3rd Edition (2007)



You hear about them in the news every day, but do you know how or when their escapades will strike you?

Do you want to know how much hackers know about your system, your ISP, your work computers and even you and your family?

ONLY BY ARMING YOURSELF with the same knowledge that they possess, and the latest in protection software from the leading experts in computer security, can you hope to keep your data safe from hackers, crackers, script kiddies, cyber-vandals, corporate spies, government spook types and ruthless marketing guerillas (aka spammers)!

THE HACKERS ENCYCLOPEDIA 3rd Edition DVD-ROM is the latest Hackers' Information DVD-ROM Product on the net, hands-down! Hackers learn and adapt quickly; wimpy 600 meg competing CDs that came out once in 1999 and never got updated are not up to the job! The Hackers Encyclopedia 3rd Edition DVD-ROM contains THOUSANDS of recent files and over 46,000 files in total! More files on Wireless Network hacking; more files on web server and CGI exploits; more updates and removal tools for today's viral threats; more RELEVANT AND NEW information, tools, advisories and exploits straight from the hackers themselves than any of the preceding CD-ROMs and all of the competition!

When  you realize what a danger hackers and those with the skills present,   you will realize how much  YOU NEED THE HACKERS ENCYCLOPEDIA!

  • HACKING: Windows 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP/2003/Vista, Linux, BSD, Irix, HP-UX, AIX, SCO Unix, and many other platforms! Information, advisories, exploits, PLUS hundreds of security and auditing tools! How will you know your system is safe from hackers unless  you get this DVD-ROM?

  • PHONE PHREAKING: The very latest on that black art that the phone companies still can't shut down, dozens of years and billions of dollars later! With state of the art information on Cellular phones, Caller ID, Phone Hacking Devices, Test Numbers, and much more!

  • HACKER PUBLICATIONS & ADVISORIES: Thousands of files of the most up to date information from hackers themselves!

  • VIRUSES: Learn how malicious code propagates, how to detect and remove it! Many detection and eradication utilities are included!
    NOTE: There are NO viruses on this DVD-ROM!

  • CRYPTO: With the rise of Patriot, Echelon, Carnivore, and local/state laws allowing internet monitoring by authorities, not to mention data interception and identity theft by hackers, the need to protect your privacy with strong encryption is greater than ever before!

  • INTERNET: Vulnerabilities in Web servers, clients, email, news, FTP, and even the very backbone protocols!

  • WIRELESS NETWORKING: A whole hacker subculture has sprung up overnight around the inherent insecurity in 802.11b/g/n networks, and this DVD is all over it!

  • WETWARE HACKING: Find out how hackers, weird cults, sex perverts, advertising agencies, and the government are "hacking" right into your mind every day! And how to recognize and stop it!

    And don't waste your money on cheap, inferior unlabeled ebay CDs! Only HACKERS ENCYCLOPEDIA 3rd Edition DVD-ROM 2007 is the real deal!


    Besides, like all Whirlwind Software DVDs, it's got a really cool cover! And of course, this is a new, sealed DVD-ROM!

    Actual Screenshots of the DVD!