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  Crepes    Breakfast    Low Fat  
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      Title: Crepes
 Categories: Breakfast, Lowfat
      Yield: 20 Servings
      1 c  Cold water
      1 c  Cold skim milk
      6 ea Egg whites
    1/2 ts Lite salt or less or none
      2 c  Sifted flour
      2 tb Canola oil
  Put liquids, egg whites and salt into a blender jar; add flour then
  oil. Blend at top speed, scrapimg any flour adhering to the sides of
  the jar. Cover, refrigerate 2 hours. This is an important step-it
  allows the flour particles to expand in the liquid and insures a
  tender, thin crepe. The batter should be a very light creamy
  texture-just thick enough to coat a wooden spoon. For each crepe,
  heat 6" nonstick fry pan over moderatly high heat. When hot, pour a
  scant 1/4 cup of the batter into the skillet;immediatly rotate the
  pan until batter covers bottom. Cook until light brown; turn and
  brown on the other side. Slide onto warm plate and proceed in same
  manner with rest of batter. Put waxed paper between crepes. Keep
  covered, as they cool, to prevent them from drying out. The crepes
  are now ready to be filled. Makes 20 crepes, 6" each. SERVING,
  STORING, FREEZING OF CREPES: These versatile crepes can be:
    Filled, folded or rolled and served immedately. Several recipes for
  fillings are in this DB.MM#s;46,
    Prepared ahead of time, piled up with layers of waxed paper between
  each one; wrapped in foil, refrigerated and reheated when ready to be
  filled and served.
    Prepared in advance, frozen and reheated at the last minute. Wrap in
  heavy foil to freeze. They will keep for weeks. CREPES-1001 WAYS TO
  SERVE AND ENJOY THEM: Crepes are thin relatives of the American
  pancake. They are easy to make, fun and can be eaten in a variety of
    Festive and delicate desserts can be made using crepes, filling
  them with jams,jellies, puddings, or fresh or stewed fruit.
    Try a crepe cake! Layers of crepes are piled upon each other, each
  one spresd with a low-fat filling and served cut in pie shaped wedges.
  Appetizers, main dishes and desserts can be made that way.
    They can be served as a simple breakfast dish very much like
    They become a nourishing main course when filled with a myriad of
  poultry, seafood or vegetable fillings-rolles into cylinders or
  floded and served with or without a sauce. They afford a marvelous
  opportunity for using leftovers in an elegant disguise.
        1    Crepe calories 62,protein 2.6 gm,carb. 9.2 gm,total fat 1.5
  gm,CSI Units 0.3,dietary fiber 0.3 gm,sodium 41 mg,potassium 71
  mg,calcium 18 mg,iron
      0.3    mg
  ~ The New American Diet by Connor & Connor

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