Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup)
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Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup)
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      Title: Pho (vietnamese beef noodle soup)
 Categories: Beef, Soups, Pasta
      Yield: 4 Servings
      1 ea Inch fresh ginger
      3 ea Star anise
      2 ea Green onions
      5 c  Beef stock
      3 tb Fish sauce

      8 oz Rice sticks or cellophane no
      1 ea Onion
     12 ea Basil leaves
      6 oz Beef tenderloin or sirloin,

      8 ea Sprigs fresh mint or basil
      2 ea Jalapenos thinly sliced
      2 c  Mung bean sprouts
      1 ea Lime, quartered

      1 ea Hoisin sauce
      1 ea Asian chili sauce
  Use Rice sticks or cellophane noodles. Partially freeze beef before
  cutting. Cook's notes: Star anise, fish sauce, hoisin sauce and Asian
  chili sauce are available at Asian markets or some supermarkets with
  large Asian specialty sections. Use caution when working with fresh
  chilies. Upon completion of slicing, wash work surface and hands
  thoroughly; do not touch your eyes. Procedure: Combine the beef
  stock, ginger, star anise, green onions and fish sauce and gently
  simmer for 30 minutes. Remove the ginger, anise and green onions.
  Soak the rice sticks in warm water for 30 minutes. Slice the green
  onions, onion and basil leaves as thinly as possible. Slice the beef
  as thinly as possible across the grain. It helps to partially freeze
  the meat before slicing.  Bring 4 quarts water to a boil. Arrange the
  bean sprouts, mint sprigs, chilies and lime on a platter. Just before
  serving, bring the broth to a boil. Cook the rice sticks in boiling
  water for 30 seconds, then drain. Presentation: Divide the noodles
  among 4 large bowls. Arrange the scallions, onion slices and beef
  slices on top. Spoon the boiling broth on top: The heat of the liquid
  should be sufficient to cook the meat. Serve the soup at once, with
  the garnish platter on the side. Let each person add sprouts, mint,
  chilies, lime, hoisin sauce and/or chili sauce to taste. Yield: Makes
  4 servings. Nutritional info (per serving): 206 calories, 5 grams
  fat, 27 milligrams cholesterol, 749 milligrams sodium.

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