Carl's sick soup
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Carl's sick soup
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      Title: Carl's sick soup
 Categories: Pasta, Poultry, Rice, Soups
      Yield: 1 Servings
      4 c  Water
      4 c  Chicken Broth
      3 tb Minced Green Onion
    1/2 ts Coarse Ground Black Pepper
      1    Palmful Fresh Parsely
      1 lb Boneless Skinless Chicken
           Breast -- cut in tiny
      6 lg Carrots -- sliced
      1 cn Unsalted Green Beans,
           Undrained -- --or--
      1 lb Fresh Green Beans
      2 c  Rice -- --Or--
      1 lb Angel Hair Pasta
  Start this recipe a day in advance by boiling the chicken pieces in
  the 4 cups of water with the green onion, black pepper, and parsely.
  Put it the refrigerator overnight and the next day scoop the fat off
  the top.
  The next day, bring 4 cups of water to a boil and add the carrots.
  Boil for 10 minutes or so.  Dump in the stock and chicken from the
  day before and the green beans and bring back to a boil. The next
  part of the cooking takes 20 minutes:
  For rice -- Add the rice and cook according to rice directions, about
  20 minutes for white rice (I've never used brown rice in this).
  For dry angel hair -- dump it in at such a time as the 20 minutes is
  up at the same time the angel hair's done to your liking.
  For fresh angel hair from the refrigerated section at the grocery --
  put it in 3-4 minutes before the 20 minutes is up. Don't overcook the
  angel hair!!
  I try to get the pasta to be al dente, although sometimes the wine
  makes me forget!!  You may want to experiment with spices because
  without salt, this recipe can be somewhat bland.
  One normal soup ladel full of this soup is somewhere around 300
  calories. I forget the actual calorie count of the individual
  ingredients, but I averaged them out from the counts given in a book
  I have. I do only one ladel. This stuff freezes well and makes great
  Oh, yes, the wine for this?  I like Bonny Doon '93 or '94 Clos du
  Gilroy. It has a peppery flavor that I think goes well with this
  light fare. My wife, a white wine fan, likes Chalk Hill Sauvignon
  Blanc (I forget the year model) because it too has a peppery flavor.

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