Pate de campagne (country pork pate)
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Pate de campagne (country pork pate)
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      Title: Pate de campagne (country pork pate)
 Categories: Pork
      Yield: 8 Servings
      1 tb Butter
      1    Onion; chopped
    1/2 lb Ground lean pork
    1/2 lb Ground pork fat
    1/2 lb Ground veal
    1/2 lb Pork or chicken liver, finel
           -y chopped
      2    Cloves garlic, peeled
           Pinch of ground cloves
    1/2 ts Ground allspice
           Pinch of ground nutmeg
      2    Eggs; beaten to mix
      2 tb Brandy
    1/2 lb Bacon slices
  Melt butter in a small saute pan and cook onion over low heat until
  soft but not brown, 10-15 minutes. Leave to cool. In a food
  processor, puree the pork, pork fat, veal, pork or chicken liver,
  garlic, allspice, cloves, nutmeg, eggs,  cooked onion, brandy, salt
  and pepper. Divide the mixture in half if it does not all fit
  comfortably in the machine. Saute a small piece of mixture and taste
  for seasoning. It should be highly seasoned. If not, add more salt
  and pepper. Set oven at 350F. Line the sides and base of a 1-quart
  terrine mold with bacon, reserving 2 slices. Pack pork mixture in the
  mold and smooth the top. Cut remaining bacon in thin strips and
  arrange in a lattice on top of the pate. Cook the pate, uncovered,
  ion a water bath until done when  tested with a skewer, 1.1/4 to
  1.1/2 hours. Let pate cool to  tepid.  Insert a board that fits
  inside the rim of the terrine. Distribute weights on top and chill.
  Serve pate from the mold, and cut in slices at the table. The pate
  should be made at least 48 hours ahead so that the  flavours mellow.
  It can be kept up to 5 days in the refrigerator. Variations:  Pate de
  porc solgnote (Pork pate with Hazelnuts) Add 1 cup toasted peeled
  hazelnuts to the pork mixture. Pate de Pork Marbree (Marbled Pork
  Pate) Roll each chicken liver in very thinly sliced pork fat or fat
  bacon. Make pate mixture without livers. Pack half of the mixture
  into the mold and place livers down the center. Cover with remaining
  mixture and bake. When sliced, the pate is marbled with liver
  outlined in fat. Source: Classic french Cooking

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