Peach & ricotta tarts
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Peach & ricotta tarts
  Peach    Tarts  
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      Title: Peach & ricotta tarts
 Categories: Cheese/eggs, Fruits
      Yield: 10 Servings
  2 1/2 c  Flour
    1/2 c  Sugar
      1 c  Nuts, finely chopped
           Grated Rind of 1 Lemon
      8 tb Sweet Butter in pieces
      4    Egg Yolks
      1 tb Rum
      4 tb Ice Water

      5 md Ripe Peaches
      1 tb Fresh Lemon Juice
    1/4 c  Powdered Sugar
    3/4 c  Ricotta
      1 c  Whipping Cream
    1/4 ts Almond Extract
    1/4 ts Vanilla Extract
      2 tb Peach or Apricot Liquor
    2/3 c  Apricot Jam
  *** Tart ***
  Combine 1st 5 ingredients. Lightly beat yolks with rum and stir into
  flour mixture with a fork. Add ice water to make a dough. Wrap and
  chill for 30 minutes.
  *** Filling ***
  Blanch peaches in boiling water, peel and cool. Reserve 1/2 of the
  peaches for topping in center, slicing the remaining peaches.
  Sprinkle with lemon juice that has been mixed with 1 T confectioners
  sugar. Butter a 10" pie pan. Roll out the dough, line pan and pierce
  with a fork. Line with foil and weight down with beans. Bake 15
  minutes in a preheated 425oF oven. Remove foil and weights and bake 5
  more minutes.
  Combine ricotta and sugar in a food processor until smooth, adding the
  cream slowly untill whipped. Add almonds and vanilla and pour into the
  shell. Place the reserved 1/2 peaches on top and arrange slices all
  around the edge. Combine the liqour and preserves in a small sauce
  pan, heat slightly and drizzle on top. Chill completely.

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