Peach ice cream cake
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Peach ice cream cake
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      Title: Peach ice cream cake
 Categories: Mccalls, Desserts, Mine, Echo
      Yield: 12 Servings
           Nonstick cooking spray
      2 c  Gingersnap crumbs
           -34 cookies
    2/3 c  Almonds; toasted chopped
    1/4 c  Crystallized ginger; minced
      2 tb Sugar
      6 tb Butter; melted
      2 pt Peach frozen yogurt
    1/2 c  Caramel sauce; prepared
      1 pt Vanilla ice cream
           Peaches; sliced

MMMMM----------------NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION/SERV---------------------
    378 x  Calories
      6 x  G. protein
     49 x  G carbohydrate
     17 x  G fat
     35 x  Mg cholesterol
    265 x  Mg sodium
  1.  With cooking spray, grease 9 x 5 x 3 inch loaf pan; line with
  plastic wrap.  In bowl, mix crumbs, nuts, ginger, sugar and butter;
  spoon 1 cup mixture over bottom of pan. Cut 1 pint frozen yohurt in
  half lengthwise through container; peel off wraper.  Cut each half
  crosswise into six pieces.  Quickly arrange pieces in one layer over
  crumbs, cutting as necessary. Pour all the caramel sauce over yohurt;
  freeze 1 hour. On top, layer curmbs, yogurt, crumbs, ice cream (cut
  into pieces) and crumbs.
   Cover; freeze overnight.
  2.  To Serve:  Uncover cake.  Invert onto platter; unwrap. Serve with
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