Pepper salad (kraus)
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Pepper salad (kraus)
  Pepper    Salad  
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      Title: Pepper salad (kraus)
 Categories: Salads
      Yield: 4 Servings
           Stephen Ceideburg
      4 lg Sweet peppers *
      4 tb Olive oil
      2    Garlic cloves, minced
      4 tb Italian parsley, finely
           Salt and freshly ground
           -black pepper
      2 tb Capers, rinsed
      2 ts Balsamic vinegar (optional)
  * (an assortment of red, yellow, orange and chocolate)
  Roast the peppers in a 425 degree F. oven for 45 minutes, Turn the
  peppers several times until the skin is charred all over. Remove the
  peppers from the oven and place them in a paper bag for 15 minutes to
  let them steam.
  Alternatively, the peppers can be grilled whole, then peeled and
  seeded. Peel the peppers carefully to remove all the blackened skin.
  Cut the peppers open and remove the stem and seeds. Cut the peppers
  into 1/4-inch slices.
  Over low heat, saute the garlic in the oil for about a minute. Add the
  peppers and continue cooking for 5 more minutes. Add half the parsley
  and salt and pepper to taste. Remove from the heat and add the
  capers. If you want added sharpness, add the vinegar.
  Cool and season to taste with salt and pepper.
  Garnish with chopped parsley.
  Note: These peppers can also used alone or combined with sauteed
  scallops and leeks for a wonderful pasta sauce.
  PER SERVING: 150 calories, 1 g protein, 7 g carbohydrate, 14 g fat (2
  g saturated), 0 mg cholesterol, 90 mg sodium, 2 g fiber.
  Sibella Kraus writing in the San Francisco Chronicle, 10/27/93.
  Posted by Stephen Ceideburg

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