Double stout
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Double stout
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      Title: Double stout
 Categories: Drinks, Usenet
      Yield: 2 Cases
      3 ga Water
  2 1/2 oz Bullion hops
     10 lb Dark malt extract
      1 lb Black patent malt
      2 lb Crystal malt
    1/2 lb Barley, flaked
    1/4 lb Barley, roasted
      1 t  Ascorbic acid
    1/2    Licorice stick
           -(see note below)
    1/2 t  Citric acid
      1 t  Irish moss
  1 1/2 oz Golding hops
      2 t  Yeast nutrient
    3/4 oz Ale yeast
           -(3 standard packages)
  Combine water and Bullion hops.  Boil for 20 minutes.
  Add dark malt extract.  Boil for 20 minutes.
  Add black patent malt through Irish moss.  Boil for 5 minutes.
  Remove from heat and add Golding hops.  Steep for 5 minutes.
  Cool and add yeast nutrient and ale yeast.  When fermentation has
  stopped, add priming sugar and bottle.
  *  Double stout beer -- I would not recommend making this as your
  first beer, but if you are into brewing and like a strong stout, then
  give this one a try. Don't be in a hurry to drink it, though, it
  really benefits from a long aging. I got the original recipe from
  Peter Lester in, and formatted it for my local
  brewfriends. Then I thought that the net at large might enjoy it,
  too, so here it is with some additional notes from my experience at
  making it. Yield: Makes about 2 cases.
  *  Lester's initial specific gravity was 1.086 and his final specific
  gravity was 1.020 (alcohol about 8 percent). His fermentation time
  was 11 days (a slow batch).
  My batch fermented in about a week (house temperature ranging between
  60 and 68). It was barely drinkable after 6 weeks, but delicious
  after 3 months.  As far as I can tell, it's still getting better (a
  year later), so try not to drink it all up right away.
  *  Ingredient note:  I didn't know what a licorice stick was, until I
  asked the clerk at my brewstore.  The one he gave me was about 1/3
  inch in diameter and about 3 inches long. It was dark black, and not
  sweet to the taste at all. It seems to be a standard brewing
  ingredient. Sorry I can't be more specific about it.
  : Difficulty:  For experienced beer brewers only.
  : Time:  1 hour preparation, 2 weeks fermenting, 6 months aging.
  : Precision:  measure the ingredients.
  : Spencer W.  Thomas
  : University of Utah, Computer Science Department, Salt Lake City,
  Utah, USA

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Recipe ID 13377 (Apr 03, 2005)

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