Aunt marg's pressed beef
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Aunt marg's pressed beef
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      Title: Aunt marg's pressed beef
 Categories: Meats, Spice, Spreads, Vegetables, Canadian
      Yield: 6 Servings
      2 lb Beef (inexpensive cut)
      1    Meaty soup bone
      1    Onion; peeled & quartered
      1    Carrot; quartered
      1    Bay leaf
      1 ts Salt
           ;Water to cover
      1 tb Mixed whole pickling spices
           -- tied in cheesecloth bag
      1 cn Beef consomme or
           Rich beef stock
      3 tb Unflavored gelatin
  The author writes:  "Spread on hot buttered toast, this protein-rich
  snack is ideal for chilled skiers or skaters. Blade steaks, blade
  roast, cross rib roast and stewing beef are all suitable cuts."
  Place beef (bones, fat and all) into a large, heavy stockpot with the
  soup bone, onion, carrot, bay leaf and salt. Cover with cold water
  and bring to the boil, uncovered. Skim off any foam and cook two
  hours or more (until beef falls off the bone).  Cover pot; let stand
  in a cool place overnight to solidify fat. Next day, skim off and
  discard fat, along with carrots, onions and bay leaf.  Remove meat
  from bones and discard bones. Shred beef with a knife.  Return
  shredded meat to stock in the pot; place over high heat.  Add
  pickling spices (tied in bag) and let come to a boil. Add consomme.
  Once stock is boiling, add gelatin. Stir and let simmer another 1
  Spoon stock plus beef into a large mold or ceramic bowl (or two
  smaller ones) and let sit in refrigerator, several hours or overnight.
  Good with hot mustard, salt and pepper.  Keeps well, refrigerated, 1
  Yield:  6 to 8 servings.
  From _Nancy Enright's Canadian Herb Cookbook_ by Nancy Enright.
  Toronto: James Lorimer & Company, 1985.  Pg. 14. ISBN 0-88862-788-2.
  Posted by Cathy Harned.

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