Eric's roast wild goose
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Eric's roast wild goose
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      Title: Eric's roast wild goose
 Categories: Game, Poultry, Canadian
      Yield: 1 Servings
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  Most excellent item. I recommend it highly. If you can get your hands
  of a wild Canada goose ... you have hit the jackpot. No matter.
  Stuff it to preferences. Sprinkle coarse pickling salt over the
  outside of the bird. All geese are fat, cook it slow and long to ease
  out most of the fat. You can hardly overdo it on bay leaves in the
  basting liquid. Onions to caramelize in the roasting pan adds a
  dreamy flavour. I don't have to remind you, a southerner, to use lots
  of sage in the stuffing... use gobs of it. It is absolutely delicious
  with goose.
  The only other thing I'd suggest is rot-kraut. Pickled red cabbage as
  a side dish.  You can buy it in any good German or Kosher style deli.
  I make my own ...... the commercial stuff just doesn't measure up.
  A nice gravy is made with the drippings. Skim off the goose fat -
  save it to make a schmaltz. The heavier portion is watery and
  thickish with caramelized onion. Deglaze the pan with a splash ( 1/4
  cup ) of Dujardin. Add 1/2 cup of flour to two cups cold water,
  rotate a whisk briskly between the palms to incorporate the flour.
  Add to the boiling base to the desired flavour and consistency.
  Season with salt and a healthy dollop of fresh coarsely ground
  (cracked) black pepper.
  There you are, my memories of the first Christmas I had goose. Wild
  rice is an excellent choice to accompany the goose.
  From:    Eric Decker

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Recipe ID 18669 (Apr 03, 2005)

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