About Canned Seal Meat
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About Canned Seal Meat
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      Title: About canned seal meat
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      Yield: 1 Servings
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  Yep, the canned seal meat when served in the traditional Newfoundland
  way does make a very pleasant meal.  Key things to bear in mind for
  seal are: it is actually a very lean dry meat, LOADED with iron,
  requires some fat in the cooking like the lean venison or moose. When
  canned properly the process makes for flesh that has more edibility
  than when fresh cooked.
  The upscale version of seal meat is:
  Boiled potatoes, cabbage, turnip and carrot. The seal meat ( all of
  the contents in the can or jar )  is put in a pan, a pastry mix is
  laid over top, thinly sliced onion is laid around the pan, making
  sure it is exposed. Bake until pastry is crispy and light brown.
  Remove from pan and make a flour gravy, makes LOTS, from the liquid
  from the can/jar. This gravy does VERY well with lots of coarsely
  cracked pepper. Seal responds awfully well to pepper. I don't think
  it is possible to use too much.
  Serve with partridge berry sauce.
  This meal is washed down with strong tea - the spoon must stand up in
  ps. Canned seal meat is salted for taste in the canning process using
  pickling salt.  It does not require the extensive salting for
  consumption that fresh seal demands.  I use a combination of pickling
  and iodized salt in the grinder on the table. I find it gives me the
  balance of bite and sweet which is missing from either the pickling
  salt or iodized salt alone.

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