Subject: poutine
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Subject: poutine
  Canadian    Side dish  
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      Title: Subject: poutine
 Categories: Canadian, Side dish, Info
      Yield: 1 Servings
           In case you wanted to know
  Thought I would remind those who care about these things that Poutine
  will this summer be celebrating it's 40th anniversary.
  Fernand Lachance who invented the treat says that "cooks have ruined
  his glorious recipe" He says that when he made it, he served the
  sauce on the side .. to dip the chips in. Pouring it on top causes
  the chips to get soft soft he says and that's not good. He also says
  the dish is less fattening since you eat less gravy his way.
  M. Lachance who owned the restaurant Cafe Ideal in Warwick Quebec,
  about 150 K east of Montreal, always sold french fries and cheese
  curds .. but separately. Some time in late August or early September
  (in 1957) a young man asked for them mixed together in the same wax
  paper bag. M. Lachance says he thought he was crazy but the idea
  caught on. He called the mixture 'Poutine', a slang word he used for
  'mess' and the name stuck.
  As it happened Mme Lachance was renowned in Warwick ((about 3,000
  pop.) for her gravy (hot chicken sandwiches and the like) and after
  selling the Poutine for several years people started asking for some
  of the gravy to dip the fries into. The customers liked it so much,
  Mr. Lachance began putting a side of gravy with every order of
  What can I say ... A legend was born. Now Poutine can be found all
  across Canada, in some northers U.S. states and in parts of Florida
  where Quebecers are known to frequent.
  Like everything else in life, Poutine started to evolve. Adding the
  gravy to it saved time and a container and customers began to enjoy
  it that way although many still prefer it the old way.
  You can now get poutine with chunks of hot dogs or hamburger mixed
  in. or peas and cole slaw .. even Poutine Italian, cheese and fries
  doused with spaghetti sauce.
  I don't know about you but come August I will be celebrating the
  birth of that wondrous junk food ...strictly 'Canadjan', artery
  blocking 'Pout Pout Poutine', the snack that keeps our population

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