Batter Dipped Tofu
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Batter Dipped Tofu
  Batter    Tofu  
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      Title: Batter dipped tofu
      Yield: 5 servings
    1/2 lb Firm Tofu
      2 T  Toasted Wheat germ
    1/4 t  Dill weed
    1/4 t  Paprika
      1 x  Egg
      3 dr Hot Pepper Sauce
    1/2 c  Unbleached Flour
    1/2 t  Thyme
    1/4 t  Garlic powder
    1/4 t  Black Pepper
      1 T  Milk
      2 T  Safflower oil

MMMMM------------------------GINGER SAUCE-----------------------------
      6 T  Rice vinegar
    3/4 c  Plus 1 T Water
      1 t  Cornstarch
      6 T  Sugar
      2 T  Soy sauce
      1 T  Finely minced Gingerroot
  GINGER SAUCE: In small saucepan, place vinegar, sugar, 3/4 c water,
  and soy sauce. Bring to a boil, reduce heat, and simmer, stirring
  occasionally, for 5 minutes.
   Meanwhile, in a small bowl, combine cornstarch and 1 T water; stir
  into sauce. Cook mixture, stirring until clear and thickened.
   Remove pan from heat; stir in ginger.  Makes 1 cup. Use for Batter
  Dipped Tofu and Vegetable Stir fry.
  TOFU: While Ginger Sauce is simmering, cut tofu into 1" squares about
  1/4" thick. Set aside.
   In a med bowl, combine flour, wheat germ, and seasonings.
   In a separate bowl, lightly beat egg. Add milk and hot pepper sauce.
   In a large skillet, heat oil. Piece by piece, dip tofu in flour,
  then in egg mixture, and again in flour. Saute until lightly browned,
  about 3 minutes on each side.
   Serve warm, arranged on a platter with cocktail forks and a bowl of
  Ginger Sauce. Surround platter with curly lettuce leaves or large
  sprigs of parsley.   Makes 4-6 servings.
  VARIATIONS: - use egg white only
  :           - the tofu squares may be cut larger and used as part of a
  :           main course, topped with a vegetable stir fry and ginger
  :           - substitute other sauces for the ginger sauce

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