Cold lemon souffl‚
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Cold lemon souffl‚
  Lemon    British  
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      Title: Cold lemon souffl‚
 Categories: Desserts, Fruits, British, Cheese/eggs
      Yield: 6 Servings
      6    Eggs
      6 oz Castor sugar
      1    Lemons; grated zest
      5    Sheets gelatine;-=OR=-
    1/2 oz Gelatine; sponged in
      2    Lemons; juice
      1 pn Salt
      1 pn Cream of tartar

MMMMM------------------------TO DECORATE-----------------------------
           Lemon slices
  If using leaf gelatine, place them, one by one in a large shallow
  dish of cold water. Allow to soften, then drain and place in small
  bowl with the lemon juice and continue as if using powdered gelatine
  that has been sponged.
   For powdered gelatine, put juice of the lemons in a small bowl, stir
  well and then sprinkle the gelatine over slowly enough to avoid
  forming a "knot" of powder. When "sponged", ie when the gelatine has
  absorbed the liquid and become a mass, place the bowl (or jug) in a
  pan of boiling water, and heat until the gelatine dissolves, when it
  can be added to the lemon rind/sugar/egg mixture before cooking.
    While the gelatine is sponging/softening, prepare the mousse base.
  Separate the eggs, placing whites in a large completely grease free
  bowl. Place yolks in the top half of a double saucepan or a basin
  capabale of being heated (best is a zabaglione pan). Add to the
  yolks, the grated zest of half the lemons (no need to use the rest)
  and add the castor sugar little by little while beating. When really
  thick, add the gelatine/lemon solution, and heat over simmering
  water. Do not stop beating for a moment, and make sure you reach all
  over the bottom of the bowl. When the mixture thickens again and
  becomes very light and mousse like, remove the bowl from the heat,
  put into cold water and cool, beating from time to time.
    While the mousse mixture is cooling, add the salt and tartar to the
  egg whites, and beat to the soft peak. Cut and fold the cool mousse
  mixture (don't let it set, of course) into the beaten egg white. Mix
  well, without being so vigorous that you lose the lightness of the
  mixture, and pour into a large serving bowl, or individual bowls.
  Level off gently and let set 4 hours minimum before serving. Don't
  keep too long, or the mousse can become very rubbery.
    Decorate just before serving with slices of lemon.
    This recipe can be made with limes, but adjust the number depending
  on their size.
  IMH c/o Georges' Home BBS 2:323/4.4

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