Dutch baby (breakfast pancake/souffle):
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Dutch baby (breakfast pancake/souffle):
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      Title: Dutch baby (breakfast pancake/souffle):
 Categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Pancakes
      Yield: 1 Servings
      4    Eggs
      1 c  Flour
      1 c  Milk
    2/3    Cube (1/3 cup) butter
    1/2 ts Cook's vanilla
    1/4 ts Nutmeg
  NB:  You may substitute margarine for up to one-half of the butter,
  but my experience is that *at least* one-half of the oil must be real
  butter, not just for taste, but for its cooking properties.
  Preheat the oven to 425 degrees F.  Place the butter in a large,
  preferably cast-iron, pan with steep sides (a large round casserole
  pan, about 10" across, would be ideal), and place the pan in the oven
  so that the butter melts completely.  Beat the eggs in a blender at
  the highest speed for one minute, and with the blender running at its
  highest speed, add the milk, vanilla, flour, and nutmeg, continuing
  to run the blender for 30 seconds after the ingredients are fully
  Open the oven door, pull out the pan, and pour the batter into the
  melted butter quickly, closing the oven door before too much heat
  escapes. Bake for about 20-25 minutes, until the top has patches that
  are distinctly brown.  Remove from the oven, and serve IMMEDIATELY
  with lemon wedges and powdered sugar. (The individual diner squeezes
  some lemon juice onto the slice of Dutch baby, then sprinkles a small
  amount of powdered sugar on top of that.)  Serves two oink-oinks or
  four polite diners.
  This is a conversation-stopper when brought to the table, which makes
  it ideal for an intimate breakfast with guests. Experience has shown,
  however, that the cooking time precludes making more than one
  serially for people dining together, and that two cooked simultane-
  ously in the same oven will not rise properly. From: Michael Loo
  Date: 19 Sep 96 Gourmet Cooking 

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