Food storage - eggs
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Food storage - eggs
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      Title: Food storage - eggs
 Categories: Eggs, Poultry
      Yield: 1 Servings
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  Recently there has been increased concern about eggs and salmonella
  bacteria. The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the FDA recommend
  the safe egg-handling guidelines below. This is especially true for
  people who may be more susceptible to illness such as the elderly,
  very young children, pregnant women (because of risk to the fetus)
  and those with weakened immune systems.
  Avoid eating raw eggs and foods containing raw eggs. Commercial
  products are made with pasteurized eggs and are safe because
  pasteurization destroys salmonella. Cook eggs thoroughly until both
  the yolk and white are firm, not runny. Refrigerate eggs in their
  original carton as soon as possible at a maximum temperature of 40
  degrees f. Use raw eggs within 5 weeks and hard-cooked eggs in one
  week. Don't keep eggs (raw and hard-cooked) out of the refrigerator
  more than 2 hours, including time for preparing and serving. Wash
  hands, utensils, and work areas with hot, soapy water before and
  after they come in contact with eggs and egg-rich foods. When
  refrigerating a large amount of hot egg-rich dish or leftovers,
  divide it into several small shallow containers so it will cool
  quickly. 109/430 Bear's Licorice Disk Courtesy of Shareware RECIPE

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