Tiramisu ala enrico salvini
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Tiramisu ala enrico salvini
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      Title: Tiramisu ala enrico salvini
 Categories: Desserts, Cheese/eggs, Italian, Party, John prathe
      Yield: 10 Servings
      1 lb Mascarpone cheese
      6 ea Eggs
     12 tb White sugar
      2 c  Espresso coffee
        x  Savoiardi biscuits
        x  Or lady finger biscuits
      4 tb Cocoa powder
  Prepare espresso and allow to cool.  About 16 to 20 demitasse will be
  Separate the eggs, retaining 3 of the whites for later. Whip the
  yolks with the sugar until the mixture gets creamy and fluffy.
  Soften the mascarpone and add to the egg yolk cream using a wooden
  spoon. Combine the mixture whipping in a circular motion up and down
  rather than clockwise or anti-clockwise. This imcreases the
  fluffiness of the mixture. FOLD DO NOT WHIP as the fat content of the
  cheese may separate and make the tiramisu fatty.
  For a fluffier mixture whip 3 egg-whites until stiff and fold into the
  egg\cheese mixture.
  Pour a small quantity of espresso in a shallow, flat dish. This will
  also speed cooling.  When cool dip the bottoms of the biscuits in the
  espresso and place them in the bottom of a 9 X 13 inch pan. Cover the
  bottom of the pan  completely with the biscuits fitting them tightly
  in the pan. . Do not soak the biscuits, only the lower half should be
  wetted with coffee.
  After the first layer of biscuits are in the pan, cover the biscuits
  with at least a 1/4 inch layer of the egg cream. Add another layer of
  coffee dipped biscuits. Then another layer of egg cream. Repeat until
  the pan is full.  Usually 3 layers are enough. The last layer must be
  Refrigerate for 24 hours if possible.  Before serving sprinkle the
  top with either powdered cocoa, gratted chocolate or drizzle with
  thin streams of heavy chocolate syrup.
  Although many put brandy, cognac and other alcoholic beverages in
  tiramisu, I avoid it.  Alcohol tends to kill the other flavors.
  Follow my suggestion and have your cognac separate in a heated brandy
  snifter. A more suitable variation is to add a few spoonfuls of small
  chocolate chips or coarsely grated chocolate to the cream mixture.
  This is best prepared the day before.  Cover and store the dessert in
  the refrigerator to allow the biscuits to absorb the coffee and
  cheese flavors. Right before serving, sprinkle the cocoa on the top
  using a small strainer.
  Enjoy and have one on me!

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