Lucerne cheese torte part 2
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Lucerne cheese torte part 2
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      Title: Lucerne cheese torte part 2
 Categories: Baker
      Yield: 4 Servings
           Cutting the Cake
  The genoise is cut in such a fashion that its exterior is left
  intact, but a core is removed Imagine a 1/2-inch thick border around
  the outside edge of the cake.  Now, using the tip of a shortbladed
  paring knife, cut along the imaginary line with a sawing motion
  around the entire cake, stopping short of the cake's bottom by
  1/2-inch. Loosen the 6 1/2 -inch circle or inner core the cake
  without disturbing the outer shell Using a small serrated knife such
  as a tomato knife, insert the blade into the side of the cake 1/2
  ~inch from the bottom, creating a small slit. Keeping the knife
  horizontal and level, pivot the serrated edge in one direction,
  trying not to cut through the outer shell of cake.  (This will
  eventually loosen the entire bottom of the inner core.)
  Remove the knife, insert it back into the slit with the serrated edge
  facing the opposite direction, and pivot the other way.  Repeat three
  more times, rotating the cake a quarter turn each time.  After
  completing four cuts, you should have loosened the core sufficiently
  to lift it out. Test it gently with a fork around the edge of the
  core; if you meet resistance anywhere, insert the serrated knife back
  into the nearest slit, and pivot the blade again.  Be patient and
  keep pivoting as well as tracing the top circle, and soon you'll be
  able to lift the core with the aid of the fork.
  Remove the center core of the cake; it should measure about 6 1/2 to 7
  inches in diameter and be about 1-inch thick.  Place the core on a
  flat work surface.  Mentally divide it in half horizontally.  Now,
  using the paring knife, cut all the way around the side of the cake
  about 1/2-inch deep on that imaginary line.  Slide a 12-inch knife
  into the cut. Holding the knife steady in that path, rotate the cake
  in a circle into the knife blade, cutting in a slow sawing motion all
  around, until the cake is evenly split into two 1/2-inch thick layers.
  Remove the top 1/2-inch layer, wrap it in plastic, and save for
  future use. Split the remaining 1/2- inch layer into two 1/4-inch
  thick layers, using the same cutting procedure as above.  Remove the
  top 1/4-inch layer and set aside.  (Use a removable quiche bottom to
  aid in lifting, if necessary.)

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Recipe ID 21613 (Apr 03, 2005)

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