Chinese Chili With Peppers
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Chinese Chili With Peppers
  Chinese    Chili    Peppers    Lamb  
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      Title: Chinese chili with peppers
 Categories: Chinese, Lamb, Ceideburg 2
      Yield: 1 Servings
    3/4 lb Ground lamb
      1 tb Dark soy sauce
      1 tb Dry sherry
      1 tb Hoisin sauce
      1    Green bell pepper
      1    Red bell pepper
      1    Yellow bell pepper
      1 sm Yellow on1on
      2 tb Cornstarch
      2 tb Peanut oil
      1 tb Finely minced fresh ginger
      4    Cloves garlic, finely minced

    1/2 c  Chicken stock
      2 tb Dry sherry
      2 tb Hoisin sauce
      2 tb Oyster sauce
      1 tb Bean sauce
      1 tb Oriental sesame oil
      1 tb Distilled white vinegar
  1 1/2 ts Chinese chili sauce
  Stir-fried ground meat and diced vegetables in a spicy sauce produce
  an Oriental "chili" that can be mounded on steamed rice or buttered
  noodles to make a quick and satisfying dinner.
  In a bowl, thoroughly combine lamb, soy sauce, sherry, and hoisin
  sauce. Set aside until ready to cook.
  Seed and stem peppers, then cut into 1/2 inch cubes.  Peel and
  coarsely chop onion.  Set peppers and onion aside.
  In a small bowl, combine sauce ingredients; set aside.
  Stir cornstarch with an equal amount of cold water, then set aside.
  Place wok over highest heat.  When wok becomes very hot, add 1
  tablespoon peanut oil to center, then roll oil around sides of wok.
  When oil just begins to smoke, add lamb and stir-fry, pressing meat
  against the sides of the wok, until it loses its raw color and
  separates into small pieces, about 3 minutes.  Transfer to a work
  Immediately return wok to highest heat and add remaining tablespoon
  peanut oil to center.  Add ginger and garlic and saute for a few
  seconds. Add vegetables and stir-fry until peppers brighten and onion
  becomes transparent, about 2 minutes.
  Return lamb to wok and pour in sauce.  Bring sauce to a low boil,
  then stir in a little cornstarch mixture to lightly thicken.  Reduce
  heat to low and simmer for 2 minutes.  Turn out onto a heated platter
  or individual plates. Serve at once with steamed rice, noodles, or
  Serves:  2 as an entree; 6 to 8 as part of an Oriental meal.
  MENU IDEAS:  Easy dinner for 4 - Chinese Chili with Peppers (double
  recipe); Onion Bread (double recipe; cook before guests arrive, and
  reheat in oven); Steamed Corn with Chinese Herb Sauce; ice cream and
  Notes:  This dish is excellent made with ground pork, beef, or lamb,
  but not with ground veal, chicken, or turkey.
  To simplify any stir-fry dish, substitute 3/4 pound ground meat (pork,
  beef, or lamb) for the cubed or sliced meat or seafood.  This
  shortens the preparation time but results in an equally good dish.

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