Saffron Resources
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Saffron Resources
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      Title: Saffron resources
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  If this thread has you drooling at the mere thought of saffron, here's
  where you can get it.
  Listed below are resources which will be helpful if you do not
  already have a good connection with a purveyor of the spice, the
  corms and recipes.
  My saffron purveyor for the last three years is listed.  I have
  bought many brands in addition to the ones he supplies for comparison
  and have found some comparable in quality but never in price or
  airtight packaging. You need to buy a minimum of 1/2 ounce from him.
  A source for liquid saffron, the only one available as far as I know,
  is also listed.  Actually this is saffron extract, not liquid saffron
  in that the threads have been steeped in alcohol and water for a
  month. There is an obvious advantage in measuring but make sure you
  use the extract only when you are cooking or baking.  For me the
  alcohol taste is too strong otherwise (for example in a mayonnaise).
  Thousands of cookbooks are available with saffron recipes but some of
  the more interesting ones are hard to find.  Jim Garrett, owner of
  Buchmann, specializes in searches for older titles and found many of
  my references.
  Buchmann 620 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94102 (415) 673-6281
  Trader Bay 1825 Bush St. San Francisco, CA 94109 (415) 567-5933 (24
  Vanilla, Saffron Imports 70 Manchester St. San Francisco, CA 94110
  (415) 648-8990 (24 hrs.)
  Nichols Garden Nursery 1190 North Pacific Hwy. Albany, Ore. 97321
  (503) 928-9280
  White Flower Farm Litchfield, CT 06759-0050 (203) 496-9600
  They were out the day I went to investigate but the saffron baked
  goods sound delicious:  yeast baby loaves or cupcakes filled with
  dried fruit and nuts.  The owner is an Englishman, a famous inventor
  (first automatic doughnut machine, a pastie machine) who loves
  saffron and is still working at age 100.  In this part of California
  saffron breads, cupcakes and cookies used to be available in every
  family-owned bakery because the Cornish miners created a demand for
  them. Several grandchildren wistfully recounted memories for me of
  such wonders from grandmothers' kitchens.
  Mrs. Dubblebee's Bakery 251-C South Aubum Grass Valley, CA 95945
  Maurice et Charles, the very well reviewed French Restaurant in Marin
  County, CA makes this excellent vinaigrette.  Minimum order is one
  case (12, 12 oz. bottles).
  Cascade Continental Foods, Inc. 1089 Essex Ave. Richmond, CA 94801
  (415) 232-3103

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