Christmas lite menu
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Christmas lite menu
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      Title: Christmas lite menu
 Categories: Low-cal
      Yield: 8 Servings
    1/4 c  Plain yogurt
  1 1/2 c  Mashed potatoes
      1 md Red cabbage
     12 oz Fresh cranberries
      1 c  Water
    1/4 c  Red wine vinegar
      2 tb Brown sugar
      1 tb Lemon juice
    1/2 ts Cloves
     12 oz FESTIVE PEAS
           LITE STUFFING
      1    TURKEY
           LITE GRAVY
           Pan juices
     10    Ice cubes
      1 c  Chicken broth + 3 tb
    1/4 c  Flour
  Advertising for the Co-op grocery stores had this Christmas menu in
  advertising delivered Dec 20/93.
  Mash potatoes, stir in yogurt.  Serve hot.  Season with salt & pepper
  to taste.
  Wash and shred cabbage.  In a large skillet, toss cabbage with fresh
  cranberries.  Combine remaining ingredients in measuring cup and pour
  over cabbage.  Simmer until just soft.  Refrigerate and reheat at
  serving time.
  Stir cook 4 cups peas with shallots and 1/2 chopped red pepper.
  Stuffing has celery, onion, apricots, cooked ham, chicken broth
  cooked a day ahead in the oven.
  Baskets are meringues cooked ahead, filled with fresh fruit and
  topped with vanilla custard sauce (like Pavlova).
  Roasted potatoes - peel, rub with oil, sprinkle with rosemary.  Roast
  in separate pan until golden and soft.  Serve hot
  Gravy - Stir 10 ice cubes into the pan juices.  When they have
  congealed with fat, remove from pan.  In a jar with a lid (or
  blender) shake together broth and flour until smooth.  Over medium
  heat whisk this mixture into the defatted pan juices.  Continue
  whisking until smooth and thick. Cook, stirring often for 5 minutes.
  Serve hot.

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Recipe ID 25103 (Apr 03, 2005)

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